Intelligent Instantaneous Sterilizing Equipment
BusinessIntelligent Instantaneous Sterilizing Equipment
Equipment Introduction

According to the principle of short-term high-temperature sterilization, fully utilize the latent heat of the steam and realize pure counter current heat exchange.
The equipment is composed of a heat exchanger, maintainer, ejector and automatic control system. lt is energy-saving environment-friendly, stable and reliable, easy to operate, with a sterility rate of 99.9%. It is widely used in fermentation pharmacies. Amino acid enzyme preparation, food and beverage industries.

Equipment Structure
Heat Exchanger

    • It is rolled from the whole plate,with no welding seam in the middle and all automatic welding has no damage to the plate. and will not cause perforation or internal leakage of the plate
    • Sealing strips at both ends of the heat exchanger are beveled to ensure penetration and reduce stress. Release stress from inside and outside during welding After welding is completed, stress is released through vibration treatment to avoid leakage.
    • Make full use of latent heat of vaporization of steam,with compact structure,small resistance and no vibration
    • Special flow channel size high flow rate design and appropriate cleaning scheme can prevent the material from remaining due to the long-term operation of particles in the material
    • Special runner size is selected,on-line cleaning is carried out the structure is compact,no dead comers of materials exist,the resistance is small, no scaling,no coking matter and no material adhesion are realized
Automatic Control

    • Siemens S7-1200PLC control system is adopted and the touch screen is equipped to facilitate on-site control. The intelligent system can multi-point sample the temperature, pressure and flow value of equipment with a sampling period of 200 ms
    • The system judges all temperature, pressure, flow signals and takes corresponding measures. For high-risk alarms, the system forcibly interrupts the process and switches to the safety mode.
Expert Team
Equipment Advantages
High Sterility Rate
  • Sampling from the equipment outlet ensures sterility rate of 99.9%
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
  • Heat exchange between hot and cold materials in the heat exchanger saves steam by more than 70% compared with actual consumption
  • After heat exchange, the temperature of the material basically does not need to be lowered again, and the cooling water is saved by more than 90%
Less Destruction of Culture Medium
  • The color of the culture medium is not significantly different from that before sterilization by adopting short-time high-temperature rapid sterilization, thus reducing the nutritional damage of the culture medium under high temperature for a long time
  • Requirements for materials are extensive, and materials such as corn steep liquor and corn flour can be completely sterilized
Stable Operation
  • The control unit intelligently determines the sterilization temperature and time according to the steam pressure change to ensure stable and reliable sterilization effect.The ejector is made of heat exchanger with special flow channel size by special welding process, which has no damage to the plate, no perforation of the plate, no internal leakage or external leak

Easy to Operate
  • Integrated design is adopted with exquisite design and neat appearance
  • No noise or vibration can greatly shorten sterilization time and improving working environment
  • Automatic control is adopted to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity
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