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With automation and information technology as the core, Tianjushi Automatic Control Engineering focuses on the fields of medicine, environmental protection, grasps the core automation technology of the main production process and the auxiliary production process in its production process, and provides customers with personalized and integrated automation system solutions to meet the process requirements in combination with the characteristics of the industry.

The Group has more than 20 qualifications such as grade I professional contracting of electronic and intelligent engineering. Over the past 20 years, it has been committed to helping pharmaceutical enterprises build digital chemical plants with cutting-edge and reliable technology, excellent quality and customized solutions.

Business Scope
Factory informatization
    • Data acquisition and monitoring system (SCADA)
    • Manufactring execution system (MES)
Process Automation
    • Automation of Pharmaceutical Production process
    • Chemical synthesis of APIs process automation
    • fermentation process automation
    • separation and purification process automation
    • Solvent Recovery
    • Safety Instrument System (SIS),etc
Utility Automation
    • Clean air conditioning system BMS
    • Environmental monitoring system EMS
    • Weak current system integration
    • Energy management system
Computer System Validation
    • It will be implemented in accordance with the ISPE GAMP5 V-Model methodology
    • Be adopted for the software and hardware in the system according to the categories and confirmation methods of software and hardware
    • Implement a quality risk management approach
    • In accordance with support processes such as document management, deviation management and change control, ensuring the compliance of system regulations.
Automation of Environmental Engineering
    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Wastegas Treatment
    • Environmental protection equipment
Metallurgy Production Process Automation
    • SinteringPellet Process Automation 
    • Ironmaking Process Automation 
    • Steelmaking Process Automation
    • Metallurgy Environmental Protection Automation
Expert Team
Advantage of Service
Customized Service for Whole Process

URS→QCD→FS→HDS→SDS→DQ→System Build→FAT→IQ→OQ→User Training

Secondary Optimization of Professional Design Team
  • Whether or not automation and informatization proposal success is directly determined by the capability of secondary optimization during design.
  • The Full-time optimization design team responsible for project optimization, based on the characteristics of the project, from all aspects ranging from overall planning of digital factory, IT network architecture, processes sorting, control logic functions sorting, instrument valve selections,instrument installations,etc.
Teamwork of Experts from All Fields

Relying on the group's pharmaceutical industry research institute and industry experience accumulated in recent 20 years, the automatic control team has a solid process foundation and rich field experience. Both control scheme design and instrument valve selections are combined with production process characteristics to provide targeted solutions for customers.

Highly Implementable Proposal
  • Provide customers with targeted automation and information solutions which is designed based on the vision of actual production, combined with the characteristics of the pharmaceutical production process, production characteristics, and usage habits
  • The proposals are highly practical, cost-effective, labor-saving, and focus on the improvement of production efficiency and product quality
Verification Support from Professional Team
  • The verification team has served many large pharmaceutical enterprises passing the verifications such as cGMP in the United States, GMP in the European Union, and GMP 2010 in China, with rich experience in computer system verification
Leading in the World: Idea of Automatic Control
  • Tianjushi Group maintains a leading position in the industry through in-depth strategic cooperation with our core partners from all over the world and possesses a batch of cutting-edge core technologies via introduction, digestion, absorption
Typical Case

The Group has led the implementation of dozens of pharmaceutical factory automation projects that meet the requirements of Chinese GMP and FDA certification, especially the automation engineering of chemical synthesis API, which is far ahead in the domestic industry.