University of Introduction

Tianjushi T&D Center, formerly known as Tianjushi School of Management, was established in May 2009. It is an enterprise university for internal employees to train high-quality middle-level managers. It consists of a school of management and a school of technology. After several years of development, the curriculum of the university at Tianjushi has covered the entire staff, covering a series of courses on college students' growth, skills training, corporate culture and general education, and has become the group's operation support center and corporate culture learning center.


Teacher team

The lecturers of Tianjushi University are excellent experts in provincial management, members of the technical expert team of Tianjushi Science and Technology Committee, senior managers of enterprises, and excellent project managers at national and provincial levels. They teach cutting-edge management theories and technological innovations to all employees and promote the most practical project management practical experience and practical operation skills. At present, they have gradually trained several management backbones and professional and technical talents to adapt to the rapid development of the times, providing strong talent support for enterprise development.

University Achievements

Since Tianjushi University was founded, a large number of students who graduated from it have made remarkable achievements in their respective posts. Many students have grown up to be vice presidents of the group or general managers of branch companies. Many students have won honors such as "Tianjushi Outstanding Contribution Award", "Tianjushi Outstanding Youth Award", "Tianjushi Gold Medal Manager" and "Outstanding Youth Position Expert in Shijiazhuang".

University mission

Service Management to Promote the Landing of Core Values of Enterprises

Building a Platform to Make Learning and Sharing a Habit

Stimulating Potential to Make Everyone a Treasure

Training system



Principal: Zhao Rong

Dean of the School of Management: Yan Weiping

Dean of Technical College: Ma Zhongqing

Academic Dean: Wang Junjie

Members of the Academic Affairs Council (ranked by surname): He Lixiong, Jiang Xiaolin, Liu Xinfeng, Liu Zhiqiang, Sun Qian, Wang Bingkun, Wu Shaohua, Yang Tao, Zhu Jiangman