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Tian Linsheng

Technical expert of control fermentation bacteria technology, engineer and general manager of Tianjunshi Group Equipment Co., Ltd.

Bachelor of biotechnology, Guangxi University. Tian has been engaged in the control of fermentation bacteria for many years. As the main responsible person, Tian has comprehensively presided over the design, production and commissioning of the new continuous disinfection system, involving pharmaceuticals, new materials, amino acids, enzyme preparations and related industries so as to achieve the optimal configuration and ensure the progress of the project. Tian is in charge of the following projects: 13 workshops in three major bio-pharmaceutical production bases of Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, with a fermentation volume of over 100000m³ and 18 sets of continuous sterilization systems; Weidan International (Vietnam) continuous sterilization system; Yipin Biological continuous sterilization system; Vland Biotech continuous sterilization and other nearly 100 projects.

Tian has obtained one national invention patent and one utility model patent, and has published papers such as "Isolation of Degrading Lignin Fungi from Bagasse Mud", "Analysis on the Development of Control Technology for Electromechanical System Implementation" and so on.