EPC for Metallurgy
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Service introduction

Tianjushi Group's Metallurgical Business Unit has a number of qualifications such as Grade I General Contracting of Metallurgical Engineering construction and Class B Engineering Design of Metallurgical Industry. The unit boastss Metallurgical Engineering Design Institute and majorengineering companies. It has established long-term strategic cooperation with a number of production enterprises, engineering design and research institutes and colleges and universities. It has the advantages of mining and raw material processing and preparation, sintering andpelletizing production, metal smelting and rolling process, especially in the field of pelletizing, the EPC general contracting ability is leading domestically; to ensure that the production,economic and technical indicators of the project exceed expectations.

Business Scope
Capability and Experience in Metallurgical Industry
    • Pelletizing
    • Sintering
    • Blast furnace
    • Steelmaking
    • Steel rolling
    • Coal powder injection
    • Lime kiln
    • Steelslag treatment
    • Oxygen production
Engineering Design
    • Engineering consultation
    • Engineering design
General Contracting
    • It has the general contracting service capacity of the whole process, including metallurgical engineering construction from mining and raw material processing and preparation, sintering and pelletizing production to metal smelting and rolling process.
Professional Engineering Contracting
    • Mechanical and electrical installation engineering
    • Metallurgical production process automation
    • Metallurgical Environmental Engineering


Expert Team
Advantage of Service

Intelligent pellet manufacturing technology

Low-carbon pellet roasting technology

Fully digital design delivery

Optimization technology of the detection and control of hot air flow process in grate-kiln system

more than ten special technologies


Provide professional advice, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance, operation training to trial production of one-stop engineering services

Saving Manpower and Reducing Risks

Tianjushi is a General Contractor for All

All-inclusive agent model, providing overall project control with regard to safety, progress, quality and cost

The general contractor bears the risks in project operation and construction organization

Controllable Investment

The client could avoid cost risks and make the investment controllable

Benefiting from its own experiences, the general contractor helps optimize the project design and implementation, so as to improve the overall investment returns

The general contractor bears the costs arising from the lack of organizational coordination

Shortening the Construction Cycle

Interconnects all steps in good order to achieve overall planning, Significantly shortens the construction cycle and helps client seize the market opportunity.Helps clients seize the market.


Ensuring Project Quality

Execute all-process management from the beginning of the design, provide solutions to difficulties and control project quality from all aspects

Overall improvement on project quality through design optimization, suggestion and feedbacks, effective communication, avoidance of disconnections and full services design, etc

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