Engineering Colsultation & Design
Tianjushi design has various qualifications such as Grade A design in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, Grade A design in construction industry, Grade B engineering design in metallurgical industry, and Grade B special environmental engineering. It covers five fields: chemical pharmaceutical engineering design, biomedical engineering design, Chinese patent medicine engineering design, medical device engineering design and environmental protection engineering design. It aims to become a top design technology service provider and serves as a customer Customers provide advanced design concepts, full process consulting and engineering design services in line with the requirements of industry regulations, which is the core and leading role of tianjunshi group in implementing EPC strategy and completing“Tianjushi delivery”.
EPC for Chemical Pharmaceutical
Tianjunshi Group has chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical industry design level A, construction industry design level A, mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction general contracting level I, construction general contracting and many other qualifications. It is deeply engaged in the chemical pharmaceutical fields such as oral preparations, sterile preparations, fermented APIs, synthetic APIs, sterile APIs and oral APIs, and provides one-stop professional consulting, design, procurement, construction and GMP consulting services for chemical pharmaceutical enterprises.
EPC for Biopharmaceutical
Tianjushi Group has many qualifications such as Class A design in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, Class A design in construction industry, Class A general contract for mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction, and Class A general contract for construction engineering construction. Adhering to the concept of "quality comes from design", Tianjushi Group is deeply focusing on areas such as biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and laboratories. The business unit is dedicated to providing biopharmaceutical companies with one-stop general contracting solutions including professional consulting, designing, purchasing, construction and GMP regulation services.
Environmental Protection Technology and EPC
Specializes in integrated environmental solution and commits to near-zero emissions of pollutants in the industrial enterprises.Master the current mature and advanced wastewater and waste gas treatment unit technology and energy saving and emission reduction technology, and be good at combining technical units reasonably according to customer needs to form the optimal solution.Provide environmental protection demonstration project integrating technology research and development, engineering design, construction and service
EPC for Metallurgy
Tianjushi Group's Metallurgical Business Unit has a number of qualifications such as Grade I General Contracting of Metallurgical Engineering construction and Class B Engineering Design of Metallurgical Industry. The unit boastss Metallurgical Engineering Design Institute and majorengineering companies. It has established long-term strategic cooperation with a number of production enterprises, engineering design and research institutes and colleges and universities. It has the advantages of mining and raw material processing and preparation, sintering andpelletizing production, metal smelting and rolling process, especially in the field of pelletizing, the EPC general contracting ability is leading domestically; to ensure that the production,economic and technical indicators of the project exceed expectations.
Automation & Information Engineering
With automation and information technology as the core, Tianjushi Automatic Control Engineering focuses on the fields of medicine, environmental protection, grasps the core automation technology of the main production process and the auxiliary production process in its production process, and provides customers with personalized and integrated automation system solutions to meet the process requirements in combination with the characteristics of the industry.
Intelligent Instantaneous Sterilizing Equipment
According to the principle of short-term high-temperature sterilization,fully utilize the latent heat of steam and realize pure counter current heat exchange. The equipment is composed of heat exchanger, maintainer,ejector and automatic control is energy-saving environment-friendly,stable and reliable,easy to operate,with a sterility rate of 99.9%.It is widely used in fermentation pharmacy.amino acid enzyme preparation,food and beverage industries.
General Contracting of Food Health Project