Top 10 News of The Year
NewsTop 10 News of The Year
Top 10 News of The Year
Top Ten News of Tianjushi Group in 2021

1. Tianjushi Group and CB Consultancy AG reached a strategic agreement

2. Tianjushi Group was awarded the title of National "Specialized, Specialized and New" Little Giant Enterprise

3. Tianjushi Group obtained the "Grade A Credit Certificate for Engineering Consulting Units"

4. Tianjushi Group has won the list of general contracting projects of national survey and design enterprises

5. Tianjushi appeared in the 22nd China Environmental Expo and won the top 100 enterprises

6. Tianjushi Group initiated China Pharmaceutical Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance (CPIM) and Oral Solid Preparation Industry Alliance (OSIA)

7. Tianjushi Group was selected into the "2020 White Paper on China's Biopharmaceutical Industry"

8. Tianjushi Group Shandong Branch was established to open up new fields of medical devices

9. The opening ceremony of the EMBA 2021 class of Tianjushi University was held in Shanghai

10. The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Tianjushi Chief Scientist Ms. Wang Jing was grandly held

11 2021-01
Top Ten News of Tianjushi Group in 2020

1. Tianjushi Group won the "Nomination Award of Hebei Provincial Government Quality Award" (2020.12)

2. Green and you, and the future | 2020•The 13th Tianjushi Technology Forum was successfully held (2020.11)

3. Expanding new domains and composing new chapters | Tianjushi Group established the Food and Health Division (2020.12)

4. Highlights | Tianjushi Group unveiled its new exhibits at the 59th Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition and hosted the summit forum at the same time (2020.11)

5. Gold List Title | The Qilu, Chuanning, Chifeng, and Lukang projects designed by the group won the National Engineering Design Award (2020.08)

6. Technology stand tall and ambitious | Tianjushi Group Metallurgical Engineering Design Company was established (2020.07)

7. The "Three Musketeers" of the pharmaceutical and environmental protection industry, upgrading and empowering a new future | Chen Ping laboratory upgrade and renovation project completed (2020.10)

8. True to its name | The group named "Wu Shaohua Conference Room" (2020.12)

9. Tianjushi Group won the 2019 China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Demonstration Enterprise (2020.01)

10. Wang Jing, Ma Zhimin, Yao Li, Liang Hongyu, Zu Yonggang, Xu Jifeng, was hailed as the gold standard role model of Tianjushi Group (2020.02)

08 2020-01
Top Ten News of Tianjushi Group in 2019

1. The group obtained the Grade A qualification of engineering design and construction industry (construction engineering) (2019.09)

2. Start from the heart, start from the step | TJ Times Shanghai Design and Research Institute grandly held the opening ceremony (2019.09)

3. A Gathering of Hundreds | The Inaugural Meeting of the Hundreds of Tianjushi and the 2019 Annual Meeting was held (2019.11)

4. The Group established Chen Ping Laboratory (2019.07)

5. Ten years of advancing through change | TJ Times has achieved more than 30 fruitful results in qualification construction from 2009 to 2019 (2019.10)

6. The Group successfully held the 2019 West Lake Swordsmanship Workshop (2019.06)

7. Green pharmaceuticals, changing from the light to the bright future丨 2019•The 12th Tianjushi Technology Forum was successfully held (2019.10)

8. Those who are near are happy, those who are far away are coming | Tianjushi human resource management report was included in authoritative publications (2019.12)

9. The group was awarded the title of 2018 Foreign Academician Workstation (2019.03)

10. Dr. Jin Yuequn, Chief Environmental Protection Technology Consultant of the Group won the "Yanzhao Friendship Award" (2019.12)

16 2019-01
Top Ten News of Tianjushi Group in 2018

1. Hebei Tianjushi Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd. obtained Class A qualification in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry (2018.04)

2. The Group's "Shijiazhuang City South-to-North Water Diversion Supporting Project-Liangcun Development Zone Surface Water Plant (Phase I Project) Project" won the Luban Award (National Quality Project) (2018.12)

3. Hebei Moransi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. launched the fourth-generation RTO, leading a new wave of VOCs governance (2018.12)

4. 2018•The 11th Tianjushi Technology Forum was successfully held (2018.11)

5. The “ozone catalytic oxidation coupled high-efficiency biomembrane advanced treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater integration technology” independently developed by the group, and the achievement of “VOCs waste gas treatment technology and equipment in the pharmaceutical industry” was identified as a domestic leader (2018.08)

6. To the future, set out again | Tianjushi Group held the 20th Anniversary Celebration Party (2018.10)

7. The Group's "Jiheng Pharmaceutical Project" and "Shijiazhuang South-to-North Water Diversion Project" won the Provincial Excellent Engineering Award (2018.01)

8. Hebei Tianjushi Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd. won the Hebei Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Industry Award (2018.07)

9. Hebei Moransi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the second-level qualification of environmental protection engineering professional contracting (2018.01)

10. Choosing a career, loyal to life | Successfully held the 60th anniversary celebration of Prof. Liu Zhenyu, the chief engineer of the EPC Process Center of Tianjushi Group (2018.06)

16 2018-01
Top Ten News of Tianjushi Group in 2017

1. 2017•China Pharmaceutical Environmental Protection Technology Forum was successfully held, Yao Zhenyong delivered a keynote speech (2017.10)

2. The first Tianjushi Science and Technology Committee Expert Annual Meeting was successfully held. Wang Jing presided over the meeting and delivered a keynote speech (2017.10)

3. The advanced environmental protection equipment development and manufacturing project of Tianjushi Group started construction (2017.5)

4. Wu Yafeng delivered a special speech on EPC strategic transformation at 2017·Qingdao·High-level Learning Week (2017.10)

5. The group was awarded the title of Hebei Province International Science and Technology Cooperation Demonstration Base (2017.12)

6. The Group Technology Center won the title of Hebei Province Excellent Enterprise Technology Center (2017.1)

7. Liu Jintao made a wonderful sharing at the first "Four Outstanding" report conference held by the group (2017.4)

8. The group established the R&D team of "VOCs molecular sieve processing device", with Wang Shengbao as the chief R&D officer (2017.10)

9. Zhen Chongli, chief environmental scientist of the group, won the Hebei Academician Special Contribution Award (2017.8)

10. The academician workstation of Moransi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was listed (2017.9)

03 2017-01
Top Ten News of Tianjushi Group in 2016

1. The 2016 China Pharmaceutical Environmental Technology Forum focuses on the intelligent and green development of pharmaceutical companies (2016.11)

2. The Group established the "Four Outstanding" Friendship Association (2016.2)

3. The design company was promoted to the Grade A qualification of pharmaceutical preparations (2016.2)

4. The Group won two awards: Excellent High-tech Enterprise and Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise (2016.2)

5. The design company has obtained the special Class B qualification for (Water Pollution Prevention and Control Engineering) (2016.11)

6. Morance was awarded the honorary title of 2015 Exhaust Gas Treatment Cutting-Edge Enterprise (2016.4)

7. Tianjushi Management School promotes the improvement of corporate soft power with innovation (2016.7)

8. Seeking change while maintaining stability and making breakthroughs during change: The group held the "Duyang Plan" kick-off meeting (2016.10)

9. A feast of joyful thoughts for the soul: 2016 Collective Learning Week (2016.10)

10. Moransi Environmental Protection: "Near Zero Emissions" Leads the Green Development of China's Pharmaceutical Industry (2016.5)

17 2016-02
Top Ten News of Tianjushi Group in 2015

1. Hebei Moransi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. (2015.09)

2. Tianjushi Technology Forum focuses on solving the pharmaceutical dilemma. (2015.12)

3. Morance first successfully applied the MSQ series VOCS governance technology. (2015.10)

Fourth, the group was approved as "Hebei Province Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base". (2015.12)

5. "Hebei Province Pharmaceutical Enzyme Engineering Technology Research Center" was approved. (2015.04)

6. Tianjushi Group's 2015 "Four Masters": release passion and carry glory. (2015.12)

Seven, Tianjushi won two awards in the 10th Asian Brand Ceremony. (2015.09)

8. Academician Zhen Chongli gave a keynote speech on VOCS governance at the Guangzhou International Expo. (2015.11)

Nine, the group won the Science and Technology Progress Award of China Installation Association. (2015.11)

10. The first-phase installation project of Yili Chuanning Group won the China Installation Engineering Quality Award. (2015.12)

23 2015-05
Top Ten News of Tianjushi Group in 2014

1. The first production line of Xinjiang Chuanning Biopharmaceutical Project contracted by the Group's T-EPC was commissioned as scheduled and was highly praised by Party A. (2014.12)

2. Hebei Tianjushi Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd. was reorganized and promoted to Grade A qualification for engineering design. (2014.11)

3. The Science and Technology Committee of Tianjushi Group was established and the first science and technology conference was held. (2014.02)

4. Tianjushi Group Academician Workstation was officially listed. (2014.09)

5. Liu Xiuzhong, Chairman of the Group was awarded the title of One Hundred Technological Private Entrepreneurs in Hebei Province. (2014.11)

6. The group started the business of environmental protection technology and established a joint laboratory for comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution with Hebei University of Science and Technology. (2014.03)

7. Hebei Tianjushi Clean Technology Co., Ltd. was established and was recognized as a provincial high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise. (2014.07)

8. The 2014 Tianjushi Technology Forum discusses the sustainable development of the pharmaceutical and environmental protection industry. (2014.12)

9. Academician Zhen Chongli, chief environmental scientist of the group, was selected as the fifth batch of "Hundred Talents Program" in Hebei Province. (2014.11)

10. The group officially promulgated and implemented the 2014 version of the SMaC method. (2014.06)

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