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Interview | Christian Bachofen: Engineering Design Based on Risk and Traceability

Mr. Christian Bachofen, director of TIANS Group and chief technology officer of biomedicine, received an exclusive interview with Pharmaceutical Industry

"Customer success is our main goal." Recently, Christian Bachofen, the director of TIANS Group and chief technology officer of biomedicine, said in an exclusive interview with Pharmaceutical Industry. The following is the original interview, reproduced from the official account of Pharmaceutical Industry.

Pharmaceutical enterprises need a lot of investment in building pharmaceutical facilities. If the construction of facilities can meet the requirements of national standards, the cost can be predicted, the time to market of products can be shortened, and the flexibility of future re planning is significant for pharmaceutical enterprises.


Mr. Christian Bachofen

Internationally renowned biomedical design and planning expert, director of Tianjushi Engineering Technology Group, and chief technology officer of biomedicine

The preliminary design plays an important role in a project from planning to completion. The engineering industry generally refers to conceptual design and preliminary design as preliminary design, which is the basis of detailed and construction drawing design. Christian Bachofen pointed out that "the preliminary design stage of the pharmaceutical facility engineering project is an iterative process, which aims to help pharmaceutical enterprises find sustainable investment and operation technology solutions. This solution is very critical for the entire project, which can help customers achieve the optimization of the initial investment cost and the later operation cost within the life cycle, and achieve real lean production."

It can be said that the preliminary design affects all aspects of the whole project. The perfect preliminary design quality will make the design conform to the planned time schedule and the expected investment and operation cost. During the life cycle, it will ensure the lowest possible COGS (cost of product sales). Therefore, in the design of each engineering facility, we should pay attention to the preliminary design, and think about how to meet the design requirements of fast process, high quality, low cost, strong controllability and wide extension. Although these require the input of intelligence and time, they can bring rich returns to the owner in the life cycle.

Christian Bachofen, an internationally renowned biomedical design planning expert, founded CB Consultancy AG (CBC) consulting company in Switzerland in 2012, and is the major shareholder, president and chief designer of the company. For more than 30 years in the biomedical industry, Christian Bachofen has served many international and domestic biopharmaceutical enterprises, including Johnson&Johnson, Novartis, Zhongsheng Group, Green Leaf, Baekje Shenzhou, Hualan Biology, and has accumulated rich practical experience in the planning and design of biopharmaceutical engineering projects in the process of consulting many companies' biopharmaceutical plants, supporting projects, and environmental protection projects. "The adoption of risk-based and traceable design methods can avoid mistakes" is the philosophy Christian Bachofen believes in, which has been verified in many engineering projects. Christian Bachofen knows how to successfully plan and design biopharmaceutical facilities.

For many years, Christian Bachofen has been leading CBC to provide pharmaceutical and preparation manufacturers with whole process consulting services in the fields of conceptual design, basic design, detailed design, bidding and procurement support, 3D modeling, construction management, operation and maintenance in the world, including engineering consulting, pharmaceutical utilities, HVAC systems, automation control technology, etc. At the beginning of 2020, during the outbreak of the new coronal epidemic, Christian Bachofen overcame many difficulties and came to China across the sea to race against time and disease. It took 8 days to complete the conceptual design of the new coronal vaccine workshop of BioSino, which directly accelerated the full cycle of the R&D, design, production and vaccination of the new coronal vaccine in China. In 2021, Christian Bachofen started a new journey. Tianjushi Engineering Technology Group, a top EPC engineering service provider in China, acquired part of the equity of CBC Company founded by Christian, and the two companies reached a deep strategic cooperation. Christian himself served as the director of Tianjushi Group and the chief technical officer of biological medicine, moving forward with Tianjushi Group. He emphasized: "We hope that through our in-depth cooperation, we can jointly provide customers and the entire industry with real added value in terms of environmental protection and economic efficiency improvement, and make greater contributions to the development of China's biomedical industry."

Part 1 Value Creation By Following Processes

Many times, some designs in the country do not adopt a scientifically sound design approach based on process risk assessment, but adopt fixed numerical values or templates in their execution. Christian Bachofen argues that there is room for such an approach that is not risk-based and traceable in a way that will not enable rapid, safe, and compliant design and construction with international GMP. In his experience, wanting to help customers minimize risks as much as possible during the life cycle of a project, to have the entire design conform to international and domestic regulatory requirements, and at the same time to achieve cost optimization of the facility, requires following scientific, process based, and product based processes during the design process.

" we always start with the definition of a process critical quality attribute (CQA) followed by a process risk assessment to define a critical process parameter (CPP). Once a CPP has been identified, we can trace all decisions back to this CPP. This risk - and traceability based design approach avoids errors because we have a perfect source to review what has been done. " Christian Bachofen emphasizes that, " it takes a lot of effort and time to do this job. From the operation of the whole life cycle of the facility, the more the preparations made during the pre design phase, the safer and smoother the subsequent facility's operation. Therefore, the inputs made in the pre phase are worthwhile to the owner. During the long operation of the facility, the time verified scheme contributes to the energy-saving and carbon reduction, and the production cost of the product can be reduced substantially. "


Mr. Christian discusses design scenarios with Chinese customers

Each facility is an individual and the engineering design will be tailored to the customer product and production process. Using HVAC as an example, it is one of the very important systems responsible for room grading, temperature, humidity and pressure. Christian Bachofen notes that, ""; our system design follows strict rules for sustainability and energy savings as well as energy recovery. In Europe, the energy demand of the system is about 50% - 60% lower than in China. Values such as room conditions, ventilation rate, and percentage air replenishment all follow a risk-based design approach and can vary from car to car. "" of course, all of these designs need to meet GMP specifications and achieve energy savings whenever possible. Another important aspect is system classification, except Outside the supply and exhaust end filtering, the systems are classified as non GMP and therefore the HVAC system (HVAC) and the building management system (BMS) are considered only commissioning systems. ""

That is, in a clean room design, the room is designed in a level C or D, depending on the outcome of the risk assessment, which, if a closed process is employed, means that the number of room air changes is greatly reduced and energy is substantially saved. The same is true for the temperature and humidity range of rooms, which needs to be set based on risk. For example, a process is closed and located in a cold chain where room temperature and humidity of the room are no longer critical aspects of GMP of the product and room conditions are in this case for operator comfort and to avoid microbial contamination of the operator. "" a risk-based design approach can lead to the optimization of the design and thus help customers save 50% - 70% of the running cost of energy. "" Emphasized by Christian Bachofen.

In addition, in terms of HVAC design, the foreign and domestic design concepts are different, foreign countries will separate the wind supplementation and exhaust systems to achieve energy efficient recycling, while the domestic design rarely adopts this way. At the same time in terms of thermal energy, the domestic utilization is not high, and the thermal energy generated by the air press is many times drained directly through the exhaust pipe, without recycling and reuse. This is different from foreign practices for the recovery of thermal energy generated from large equipment. Christian Bachofen notes, "" these are all aspects that need to be thought about in the design phase and where we can provide high added value to customers. ""

High quality designs guarantee efficient implementation in all phases of the project. And whether a project can be delivered quickly depends on the designer's technical level and project management capabilities. Christian Bachofen notes that a risk-based design approach with extensive experience allows for safe and rapid delivery of design and construction. This view was fully confirmed by the CBC for the incov 19 DS facility designed for China Biotechnology Co., Ltd. These rapidly delivered facilities are not only safe, compliant, compliant with cGMP and who requirements, but also highly efficient and lean. In addition, a high-quality design program will reduce the occurrence of changes and avoid incurring additional expense and time delays.

Part 2 Design Innovations Are Oriented To The Future

Future oriented design means creating multiple flexible spaces. Where the facility housing must be flexible. The life cycle of production workshops is typically 15-20 years, while the life cycle of an entire building enclosure is approximately 50-60 years. This means that the design of workshops with a period of 15-20 years in this building enclosure requires a minimum of 2-3 iterative processes to be considered. This design idea not only considers the current production situation of the facility, but also considers its potential operational issues for the next several years.


Concept and design of Shinda biopharmaceuticals (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

This is Christian Bachofen's innovative design idea, which breaks the inherent framework of thinking and implements a platform-based technology so that workshops can achieve multi variety production and the reusability of production space. Christian Bachofen stated, " we set out some preliminary infrastructure, such as purified water interfaces, air replenish or air exhaust ducts, when designing a building enclosure. Such a design idea provides flexibility for subsequent product production. When a certain product production is carried out in a workshop a day later, simply docking the pipelines in the production workshop with those of the infrastructure, that is, the " plug and play "idea. So we can adopt this platformized technology means to enhance the flexibility of the facility when it comes to overall facility design. This of course requires a deep integration of customers into the design philosophy, and the flexibility of design is beyond doubt important for workshops, buildings, maintenance, and the life cycle. "

Part 3 Strengthening Hands Promote Coprogression

In recent years, with the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry, the speed of listing of biopharmaceuticals has accelerated, and more and more pharmaceutical companies choose to invest in construction plants. Foreign engineering companies, by virtue of advanced design concepts, have gained the opportunity to provide design consulting services to pharmaceutical companies. But because there are differences between the engineering and design companies at home and abroad in design philosophy, design ideas, and usual practices, during the implementation of an engineering project, there are often cases in which the engineering companies at home are not familiar with the design philosophy of modernization. In an effort to increase compliance with international expectations, the time group worked with the CBC to fully and deeply implement international excellence design concepts into the construction of the project facility.


Song Xiaohui

Director, Vice President and Chairman of Biomedical Business Department of TIANS Group

Xiaohui song, director, vice president and chairman of biopharmaceutical operations of Tianqu group, said Dr, " by working deeply with the CBC team, the time group has enhanced their integrated strength in the field of biopharmaceutical engineering. They, as cutting edge teams in our biomedical division, will guide us in the biopharmaceutical market as a bellwether. " design extends downward and engineering extends upward. We are an organic service chain. We feel confident and have the capacity to enable Chinese biopharmaceutical companies to realize Now the Indigenization and landing of the international advanced design concept in China, in the future, we will improve our understanding of each other and tease out their respective responsibilities to provide customers with a complete set of robust EPC engineering services. "

Zero CO2, energy saving, energy recovery, lean manufacturing, massive staff reduction, closed processes and reduced room requirements will be the future trends in pharmaceutical engineering. In the face of industry development, the day time group has been thinking about ways to assist firms in reducing life cycle operating costs, using less energy, and achieving better quality control. Time group joined hands CBC will be developed to conform to future trends with an improved understanding of GMP regulations and a wealth of technical experience accumulated in energy-saving design concepts. " customer success is our primary goal. " Emphasized by Christian Bachofen.

03 2022-10
TIANS Group was ranked among the top 100 EPC turnover companies in China

Recently, China Association of Survey and Design released the ranking of project management and EPC turnover in 2022. A total of 198 enterprises were included in the list. Among them, as a representative of private enterprises in the general contracting industry, TIANS Group ranked 99th in the top 100, 26 places higher than the 125 last year, fully recognizing the achievements and breakthroughs made by Tianjushi Group in this year.


TIANS Group ranked No. 99 of the EPC turnover list in China 2022

The Dialogue Itself is Becoming More Sophisticated

Founded in 1998, TIANS Group has gone through 24 years. As a leading engineering technology service provider and advanced intelligent equipment manufacturer in China, it focuses on biological medicine, chemical medicine, new energy, new materials, metallurgy and mining, industrial environmental protection, food health and other industries. In recent years, Tianjushi Group has been constantly exploring new tracks and new industries, and has assumed social responsibility with its unique scientific and technological attributes, reflecting its own responsibility.

Talk With the Strong to the Stars

In the development process of more than 20 years, TIANS has served more than 500 well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, nearly 100 metallurgical enterprises, participated in the construction of more than 2000 boutique projects, and its business scope covers more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and Southeast Asia. It has won many honors, such as Luban Award, China Installation Star, and National Excellent Survey and Design and Consulting Achievements.

In recent years, TIANS Group, together with Baiji Shenzhou, Tianke Pharmaceutical, Lanjing Biology, Gaoyi Iron and Steel, Binxin Iron and Steel and other well-known enterprises in the industry, has created a large number of high-quality projects, helping the industry move forward and develop.

Dialogue Will Continue to Struggle In the Future

Struggle will not stop, mountains and seas will come. The inclusion of TIANS Group in this form is an affirmation of the development of the general contracting mode of the Group. In the future, TIANS Group will also aim to become a first-class scientific and technological enterprise, and take exceeding customer expectations as its mission, to create a better future for medicine, metallurgy, environmental protection, new energy and other industries.

04 2022-08
A new chapter in the school-enterprise cooperation of Tianjushi Group

Recently, leaders and experts from many colleges and universities from Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, and Tangshan University entered Tianjushi Group and conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with Tianjushi executives on industry-university-research cooperation, talent training, and talent transfer. The two sides expressed their willingness to give full play to their respective advantages, continue to bear fruit in multi-path school-enterprise cooperation and three-dimensional integration of production and education, and open a new chapter of school-enterprise cooperation.


Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering - old friends, new insights

On June 23, Yao Bing, vice president of Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering, and Wang Zhanying, dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, visited Tianjushi Group and held a symposium on off-campus internships and teaching program design. Liu Song, vice chairman and alumnus of Tianjushi Group, Zhang Xinqiao, director and vice president, Zhu Jiangman, director of the Human Resources Department, and representatives of alumni of Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering attended the meeting.

Liu Song said that outstanding college talents are the backbone of the future development of the company. The talent resources of Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering are gathered, which is one of the important sources of college graduates in Tianjushi. At present, more than 50 alumni are distributed in various positions and empower the company's development.

Yao Bing first expressed his gratitude to Tianjushi for providing students with a broad development platform and practical opportunities. He pointed out that Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering and Tianjushi Group have a good foundation for cooperation and broad prospects for cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will give full play to their advantages and further carry out in-depth pragmatic cooperation.

Hebei University of Technology - Strong Cooperation, New Experience

On July 26, Tianjushi Group and Hebei University of Technology held a school-enterprise cooperation exchange meeting and an awarding ceremony for the "Practical Teaching and Employment Practice Base". Guo Hongfei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Chemical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, Li Chunli, Director of the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Chemical Energy-saving Process Integration and Resource Utilization, and a group of 29 people visited Tianjushi Group. Tianjushi Group Chief Scientist, Alumni Wang Jing, Director, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer Chen Ping, Director and Vice President Zhang Xinqiao, Hebei University of Technology alumni representatives and heads of relevant departments attended the awarding ceremony.



On behalf of Tianjushi Group, Wang Jing extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the teachers and students of Hebei University of Technology, and thanked the long-term cooperation between the two parties and the school's support to the enterprise. At present, there are more than 30 alumni working in Tianjushi. They are the core technical talents of Tianjushi. The spirit of the alumni is passed on from generation to generation. It is hoped that more alumni will join in the future to help the development of Tianjushi.

Guo Hongfei pointed out that Hebei University of Technology pays attention to students' on-campus learning and enterprise practice, and hopes to create a "win-win" model of sharing resources and information between schools and enterprises, and cultivate talents for enterprises in a targeted manner. Better.


Guo Hongfei (left) and Chen Ping (right) awarded the medal


Tangshan College - Emphasis on Practice and New Prospects

On August 1st, Feng Chaojun, Vice President of Tangshan University, Du Shujuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Intelligence and Information Engineering, and Ma Zhuang, Dean of the School of Intelligence and Information Engineering, visited Tianjushi Group and signed an internship employment base agreement. Zhang Xinqiao, Director and Vice President of Tianjushi Group, Zhu Jiangman, Minister of Human Resources, Deputy General Manager of the Second Engineering Company of the Metallurgical Division, and alumni Gong Jiande and other representatives of Tangshan University alumni attended the meeting.

Zhang Xinqiao extended a warm welcome to Tangshan University on behalf of Tianjushi Group. She said that Tianjushi attaches great importance to school-enterprise cooperation. In recent years, more than 30 alumni have been introduced from Tangshan University. The students of Tangshan University have a positive working attitude and excellent work ability. , many students have grown into business backbones.

Feng Chaojun said that the integration of production and education in Tangshan University has its own characteristics in electrical, instrumentation, automation and other majors. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on students' employment mentality, employment trends, professional settings, and curriculum design.


Ma Zhuang (left) and Zhu Jiangman (right) signing ceremony



In recent years, Tianjushi Group has attached great importance to school-enterprise cooperation, and has strengthened cooperation and exchanges between enterprises and universities by setting up university scholarships, organizing academic competitions, and holding cultural and sports activities. More than 30 international and domestic colleges and universities, including Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and Hebei University of Technology, have established cooperative communication relationships. Tianjushi holds a college open day event every year, inviting college teachers and students to participate and experience it for themselves, allowing college teachers and students to enter a more diverse, innovative and intelligent Tianjushi, and further promoting the relationship between campus and enterprises, students and workplaces. fusion between.

School-enterprise resonance Yuxiu Peiying. The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the influx of fresh blood and the iterative upgrading of thinking. School-enterprise cooperation will make this process more convenient and accurate. In the future, Tianjushi will continue to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation to realize the complementary advantages of talents, technology, resources, and information between schools and enterprises, sharing and win-win results.

18 2017-12
The first Hebei Province pharmaceutical and chemical industry electrical technology exchange meeting was held grandly

To enhance the core competitiveness of pharmaceutical chemical industry electrical technology, promote the development of engineering design, construction, commissioning, maintenance, etc, strengthen the technical exchanges, sharing, by the day group and group professional society development council electrical professional society sponsored by the first pharmaceutical and chemical industry in Hebei province electrical technology exchange meeting on December 15 in tianshan science park seat A held 24 layers.

Attending the exchange meeting were Cong Jun, president of Hebei Electric Academic Committee and chief engineer of Hebei Architectural Design and Research Institute, Li Zeping, Vice President of Hebei Electric Academic Committee and electrical academic leader of Northern Design and Research Institute, Yang Yaowu, professor of Nanjing University of Information Technology and chairman of Changshu Zhuohui Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Wu Shaohua, group director, general manager of the Design Company and chairman of the Development Council of the Professional Society, Dong Xiaofeng, assistant to the group chairman and deputy general manager of the design company, Wang Lubo, deputy general manager of the Design Company, Vice President of the Development Council of the Professional Association and President of the Electrical Professional Society, Zong Hongxing, general manager of the group maintenance company, electrical commissioning and maintenance expert, As well as from the province of well-known electrical designers, electrical company representatives of nearly 100 people.


Exchange meeting site


Design company engineer Tian Guofa presided over the meeting

Wu Shaohua delivered a welcome speech at the meeting. On behalf of the group and the council, he expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the experts, scholars, electrical designers and representatives of the electrical companies who took time out of their busy schedule to attend the conference. In his speech, he pointed out that he hoped to build an exchange platform for high-end technical personnel through the exchange meeting, share the information of modern cutting-edge engineering and technology, and build a bridge for various technical fields, so as to better and more comprehensively promote the strategic development of China's pharmaceutical and chemical industry.


Wu Shaohua delivered a welcome speech

In his speech, Cong Jun expressed warm congratulations on the victory of the exchange meeting. He said that the pharmaceutical chemical industry is a very big field, electrical designers can sit down to communicate very little opportunity, and communication process is the process of learning and promotion, the development of the Internet and artificial intelligence is very rapid, the profound influence on electrical technology, can say the exchange held timely.


Cong Jun speech

The scene atmosphere of the exchange meeting was very warm, and the discussion atmosphere was quite strong. In the academic and technical exchange, Zong Hongxing delivered a keynote speech on "Frequency converter Installation and Application Technology". Focus from the installation environment of the inverter, frequency conversion speed regulation system, the role of the reactor, inverter interference, brake unit and brake resistance explained the problem of inverter installation, and with its nearly ten years of project field work experience to share with you the practical application of frequency converter, the combination of electrical engineering and electrical design communication provides the direction.


Zong Hongxing delivered a keynote speech



Designers listened intently and took notes

Ze-ping li published the distribution related content introduction and construction drawing review points " the theme of the speech, he combined with the reference of the industrial and civil power distribution design manual, analyzes the electrical construction drawing in transformer distribution system, emergency lighting, fire and security, civil air defense engineering and perimeter, road lighting, urban comprehensive pipe gallery review need to pay attention to the problem, has a high practical value.


Li Zeping delivered a keynote speech

Professor Yang Yaowu shared with you his speech with the title of "Electrical Lighting design of pharmaceutical clean workshop". From the perspective of medicine and chemical industry, he explained in detail the clean room technology and its application in the pharmaceutical industry, the basic lighting requirements of pharmaceutical clean factories, the lighting problems and their solutions, and the lighting design process and steps of pharmaceutical factories. This has great guidance and reference significance for electrical designers to design their engineering in the field of pharmaceutical and chemical engineering.


Yang Yaowu delivered a keynote speech

Wang Lubo, Dong Xiaofeng and the participating designers had an in-depth discussion and exchange on the more than 30 issues related to electrical design collected before the meeting. The discussion atmosphere was warm, the problem was in line with the actual work, everyone opened their minds, inspired each other, spoke freely, and put forward many practical solutions. The designers attending the meeting said that these questions have opened up the ideas and accumulated experience for the future work, and this kind of brainstorming communication and discussion is a very good way to refine the designer's internal skills.



Wang Lubo (first from the right) and guests to discuss Dong Xiaofeng on the spot

In addition, Shanghai chase day electric co., LTD., Xu Ji electric, Zhejiang kai technology co., LTD., and Shanghai noyak electric co., LTD. Electrical company suppliers representative, and the guests on the engineering application of electrical product performance and production capacity of sharing, broaden the idea of electrical materials use, opened the field of vision.



Exchange meeting at the exhibition site

The pharmaceutical chemical industry in Hebei province electrical technology exchange is the first, but has for the pharmaceutical chemical industry electrical designers built a high quality communication platform, to realize advanced science and technology and engineering electrical design seamless docking laid a good start, for the healthy and sustainable development of the industry provides a strong driving force, the meeting has achieved a complete success. In the future, the exchange meeting will be held from time to time to provide intellectual support for the electrical industry.

The Communication meeting will be a wonderful moment

Some participating designers took a group photo



After the communication



Award site


Some of the participants took a group photo

07 2019-01
The TIANS group design elite annual meeting was held grandly

In recent years, with the country's attention to environmental protection, safety and energy consumption, the field of pharmaceutical and chemical industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and as the major major of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, it has also experienced the transformation process of design concept. To enhance the core competitiveness of professional technology, strengthen the communication of process designers, share modern technology information, sponsored by the day group technology professional institute of the first Hebei pharmaceutical chemical industry technology exchange and day group 2018 design elite annual meeting on January 5,2019 in the day group headquarters.

Wang Yanfu, a member of the expert database of Hebei Provincial Emergency Management Department and deputy general manager of safety and environmental protection of Hebei Yongtai Correite Chemical Co., LTD., Qie Zhenggang, vice president of North China Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., deputy general manager of North China Pharmaceutical Group New Drug Research Institute Development Co., LTD., Ma Yiling, General Manager of Maiben Pharmaceutical Technology, senior verification and GMP compliance consulting expert, and special lecturer of ISPE Commissioning and Confirmation course, Pan Houchang, expert of the National Engineering Consulting Association and deputy chief engineer of Hebei Tianshi Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd., Yang Lin, deputy chief engineer of environmental Protection Equipment Division of Hebei Morans Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., and nearly 100 well-known craft designers from inside and outside the province.


Exchange meeting site

The meeting was presided over by Li Xiangke, chief engineer and head of technology major of Hebei Tianshi Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd. Wu Yafeng, director and president of Tianshi Group and national excellent engineering survey and design master, delivered a welcome speech. Wu Yafeng first on behalf of the day group to his busy schedule to attend the experts and scholars, process designers and equipment manufacturers representatives warmly welcome and sincerely thanks, and pointed out that nearly 20 years, pharmaceutical chemical infrastructure has from shortage to the state of surplus, professional technology only improve technology level, spread frontier technology information, strengthen industry communication, to better promote the development of the pharmaceutical chemical industry in China.


Host Li Xiangke


Wu Yafeng delivered a speech at the exchange meeting

Exchange site atmosphere is very fierce, in the academic exchange of Hebei province emergency management hall expert library members, Hebei yongtai, chemical co., LTD., deputy general manager of safety environmental protection Wang Yanfu in exchange meeting "two key major" relevant national provisions " keynote speech, detailed and comprehensive explanation and analysis of the pharmaceutical chemical industry dangerous process, dangerous chemicals and related regulations, standards, specifications, and the pharmaceutical chemical production process possible accident prevention and emergency rescue measures are put forward strict requirements.


Wang Yanfu delivered a keynote speech on the Interpretation of relevant National Provisions of "Two Key Points and One Major"

North China pharmaceutical co., LTD., vice President of the central research institute, north China pharmaceutical group new drug research and development co., LTD., deputy general manager is is at the meeting of the biopharmaceutical production factory design keynote speech, the system introduces the main characteristics of biopharmaceutical, and combined with their own design experience, focus on the key steps in the design process of the biopharmaceutical, pointed out the future development direction of the biopharmaceutical.


Qie Zhenggang delivered a keynote speech on the design of a biopharmaceutical production factory

Hebei morans environmental technology co., LTD., environmental protection equipment division deputy chief engineer Yang Lin in the exchange meeting "single cylinder multi-valve RTO" keynote speech, introduces the single cylinder multiple valve heat storage oxidation furnace (RTO) has good processing effect, low energy consumption efficiency, low maintenance difficulty and less space process technology advantages, and through the project case introduces the actual application of the process and processing effect.


Yang Lin delivered a keynote speech on "single cylinder multi-valve RTO"

National engineering consulting association expert database, Hebei day medicine chemical engineering design co., LTD., deputy chief engineer Pan Houchang in communication "fermentation process design concept sharing and communication" keynote speech, expounds the fermentation workshop process layout and the main characteristics of fermentation equipment, and through the case system analyzes the series of fermentation aseptic control measures and the effective method of tail gas treatment.


Pan Houchang made a keynote speech on "fermentation process design concept sharing and exchange"

This pharmaceutical technology general manager, senior validation and GMP compliance consulting experts, ISPE debugging and confirmation course special lecturer, Beijing university of chemical engineering & Shenyang pharmaceutical university consultant professor Ma Yiling in the exchange meeting for multiple product collinear risk assessment keynote speech, read the reasons of multiple product collinear risk assessment, combed the multiple product collinear risk assessment preparation and the main process, for multiple product collinear design has great guiding significance.


Ma Yiling delivered a keynote speech on "multi-product collinear risk assessment"

There are also expert discussion and interactive links of thought exchange, speech experts and guests on the in-depth exchange and discussion of the difficult problems of pharmaceutical and chemical technology.




Communication and discussion

In addition, representatives of suppliers from Beijing Zhao Yue Oriental Technology Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Yanuo Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., and Shijiazhuang Hua'an Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. attended the exchange meeting and had in-depth exchanges with the participating experts on the technology of the products, which broadened the thinking for their future work.



Exchange meeting and exhibition site

The communication meeting arrangement is compact, rich in content, both speech level, experts and the meeting atmosphere has reached the expected goal, the activity is a complete success, for the pharmaceutical chemical industry process designers set up a high quality information exchange platform, promote the designers in academic research and work experience of positive interaction, more later technology exchange held regularly laid a good foundation.

Wonderful moment of the communication meeting:



Guest exchange and discussion


Designers listened carefully


Some of the participants took a group photo


RTO equipment display

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