Team Concept

The company culture of "equality, respect, trust, cooperation and sharing" has been practiced for a long time in Tianjushi. It provides employees who recognize the culture of Tianjushi with a platform to display their talents, competitive remuneration and benefits, and a pleasant and fulfilling working environment. It plans career development for employees and creates value for employees.

In the aspect of talent introduction, Tianjushi adheres to "values" in selecting talents, providing a broad development platform for talents with the same values. In the aspect of talent introduction channels, various channels such as campus recruitment, social recruitment, headhunting and overseas talent introduction are opened up, talents are widely recruited, the strict selection is carried out, and big waves of the gold rush are made.

In terms of personnel training, Tianjushi adheres to the development concept of "being an enterprise is to be the future" and continuously promotes the construction of learning organizations to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Every year, senior managers and key cadres at the grassroots level are organized to participate in the collective learning week. Every year, middle and senior managers are selected to participate in DBA, EMBA, and EDP training in well-known domestic universities.

At the same time, Enterprise University has a management college and a technical college. The courses cover all employees. It regularly carries out technical exchange training in the front-line project department, adheres to the "mentor" system, and provides all-around and multi-level training for employees to promote their growth and progress.

In terms of the promotion of talents, we should stick to the principle of governing enterprises by elites, and establish the employment orientation of having both ability and political integrity and putting morality first. To create a healthy, fair, and just growth environment for employees, regardless of seniority or performance. Scientifically evaluate employees and formulate evaluation criteria for outstanding employees, i.e. have job performance, identify with corporate culture, and bring the team. Each year, the "Tianjushi Gold Medal Staff", "Tianjushi Outstanding Contribution Award", "Tianjushi Young Scientist Award", "Tianjushi Outstanding Youth Award", and "Tianjushi 10+Student Union Outstanding Person Award" are selected to provide broader development space for outstanding staff. Tianjushi insists on putting people first, developing for employees, relying on employees for development, sharing development results with employees, and making continuous efforts to build a strong organization and personal happiness.


Tianjushi's 2017 "Four Masters" went to Singapore to study and inspect activities Group Vice President Zhang Xinqiao (right) went to Peking University to study EMBA

The first training of Duyang Plan of Tianjushi School of Management The 16th expansion training of Tianjushi Group