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The company culture of "equality, respect, trust, cooperation and sharing" has been practiced for a long time in Tianjushi. It provides employees who recognize the culture of Tianjushi with a platform to display their talents, competitive remuneration and benefits, and a pleasant and fulfilling working environment. It plans career development for employees and creates value for employees.

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Tianjushi 10+Student Union was founded on October 29, 2013, with the same birthday of “Tianjushi”. Tianjushi 10+Student Union is a non-party group self-organizing organization proposed by the chairman of the board of directors and jointly established by the first group of eligible members when Tianjushi 10+Student Union put their heads together and participated enthusiastically. It shows the group's emphasis on loyal employees and its determination to cultivate excellent college students. It shows the group's emphasis on loyal employees and its determination to cultivate excellent college students.It shows the group's emphasis on loyal employees and its determination to cultivate excellent college students. At the same time, the establishment of Tianjushi 10+Student Union will also give outstanding students more experience opportunities and play an active leading role in promoting the development of Tianjushi. The second weekend of July each year (graduation season) is the day for new members to join. The members of the 10+Student Union are excellent employees who have worked for 10 years from graduation. Tianjushi 10+Student Union is a vanguard of Tianjushi outstanding students, an organization that shows Tianjushi’s culture and strength, and a symbol of loyalty, wisdom, innovation, trust and struggle.   "Home" symbolizes that the members of the student union form a warm "home" together and struggle and grow up in Tianjushi this big family. "Hold our hands together and write miracles with our youthful hands" is the lyrics of Tianjushi 10+Student Union song, which means that young students, starting from the first day of leaving the university campus, will hold hands, work together, share the wind and rain, share joy, jointly create a better tomorrow in Tianjushi, make more achievements and create more miracles for "home"! Learn more >
Tianjushi 100 Talents was established on November 15, 2019. It is an elite organization composed of 100 talents from Tianjushi Group and one of Tianjushi's important NGO organizations. The board of directors of the group has been adhering to the development concept of "everything for people" and is committed to providing fair and transparent competition opportunities for employees. It always provide continuous learning opportunities for employees and change their knowledge structure; provide a comfortable working environment for employees and a home to rely on. In 2018, the group implemented the outline of Tianjushi Group's 100-person Plan and plan to introduce 100 high-end talents in the industry within five years. Tianjushi 100 Talents is a platform for joint learning and communication for the established 100-person plan authoritative experts and high-level talents, which will provide strong support for the group's talent introduction and future development.   The emblem of "100 Talents" takes 100 as the main design element and represents Tianjushi 100 Talents. The distorted figures strive to reflect the international feeling, future and innovation. It implies that Tianjushi "100 Talents", as a fraternity for the group will introduce high-end talents while inheriting Tianjushi culture. 100 Talents should take on a brand-new mission to lead Tianjushi to greater glory while growing, learning and sharing. The emblem boldly uses purple and gold. Purple is a combination of warm red and cool blue, symbolizing enthusiasm and thinking. Gold symbolizes strength and success. The extension of the two colors also reflects the growth process of 100 Talents from 1 to 10 and then to 100. The overall shape of the emblem is simple and has a strong sense of design and recognition. Learn more >
Iron Army Project The tenacious and invincible army will be awarded the title of Iron Army on the battlefield, and the Tianjushi Iron Army plan aims to commend and record the performance pioneers, corporate culture pioneers, and teams in the development of the group through the selection of the Tianjushi Iron Army. Build a pioneering outstanding team, build an outstanding team, and evoke the collective sense of honor of every employee in his team. Tiejun is the first team honor of the group, and it is the best representative of the strongest team and the spirit of enterprise. Iron Army Spirit That is, the iron will not be afraid of difficulties, dare to win, indomitable iron will; cultural unity, the unity of knowledge and action, the unbreakable iron unity; the iron discipline of prohibition, strict discipline, and invincibility; bravery, tenacious, brave and invincible, and invincible iron style. Tianjushi Army It refers to a special team that has the spirit of an iron army, perseverance and determination to win, and is a common cause of all people of the times, indomitable and courageous, and has made outstanding contributions in the field or business scope.   Tianjushi iron Army LOGO design instructions 1. The badge uses the Tianjushi logo as the central element, accompanied by the Chinese and English "iron team", "iron team", five-pointed star and other elements, representing "the Tianjushi Iron Army". 2. The color is composed of red and gold, representing the spirit of the iron army. Red represents honor, enthusiasm, life and combat effectiveness. There is iron enthusiasm for work, iron belief in challenges, and iron responsibility in the face of responsibilities. The golden color represents the glory and implies that the iron army is the common cause of all people of the time, indomitable and invincible fighting spirit. 3. The outer circle of the badge is composed of abstract patterns rotating clockwise, similar to rope-representing strength and unity,and like petals-representing glory and blooming. Learn more >