Environmental Protection Technology and EPC
BusinessEnvironmental Protection Technology and EPC
Service introduction

Specializes in integrated environmental solution and commits to near-zero emissions of pollutants in the industrial enterprises.Master the current mature and advanced wastewater and waste gas treatment unit technology and energy saving and emission reduction technology, and be good at combining technical units reasonably according to customer needs to form the optimal solution.Provide environmental protection demonstration project integrating technology research and development, engineering design, construction and service

Business Scope
Wastewater Treatment
    • Separate collection and pretreatment of sewage
    • Ozone catalytic oxidation
    • Micro electrolysis Fenton
    • Photocatalytic oxidation
    • Electrocatalytic oxidation
    • Thermal Hydrolysis
    • Anaerobic reactor
    • Multi level AO
    • MBR
    • Reuse of UF + RO + MVR wastewater
    • Separation and purificationof NF +RO
Waste Gas Treatment
    • RTO(Regenerative thermal oxidizer)
    • Molecular sieve runner concentration
    • Absorption and chemical oxidation
    • Absorption and regeneration of activated carbons
Hazardous waste treatment
    • Purication and utilization of waste salt
    • Hazardous waste incineration


Green facilities
    • Photocatalytic oxidation equipment
    • Ozone catalytic oxidation equipment
    • Molecular sieve runnner concentration device
    • Single barrel multi-valve RTO
Expert Team

The expert team of the Environmental Protection Division is composed of well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad in the fields of environmental protection, pharmaceutical, water treatment, engineering design and metallurgy. They are authoritative experts, well-known scholars and academic leaders in their respective research fields, and have long-term and profound accumulation and production experience. Theywill continuously provide customers with information, technology, talents, training and other services, and provide optimized and reasonable suggestions and technical support for customers' capacity expansion and product upgrading.

Advantage of Service
T - EPC Mode

Environmental protection turnkey project, guarantee index, package scheme, package design, package construction, package debugging, package acceptance

Chen Ping Laboratory

Formulation and verification of environmental protection management customization scheme

Led by well-known domestic environmental expert Dr. Chen Ping, dozens of domestic and foreign environmental expertsfollowed

Independent 3000 m2R&D building, nearly 100 advanced instruments and equipment

Industry-university-research Alliance at home and abroad

Environmental Protection Design Institute

Whole process of environmental protection technology services

Rich experienceinfermentation API, synthetic API, preparation, fine chemicals and other fields

Typical Case