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Jimmy Yun

Jimmy Yun is the Doctor of Chemical Engineering in the University of New South Wales, Academician of Australian Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering, Expert entitled to a special allowance of Hebei provincial government, Expert of "100 Talents Program" in Hebei Province, Expert member of Singapore International Standardization Committee, Chairman of Chuangqi Times (Qingdao) Technology Co., Ltd., chief scientist of Tian's group. Vice-Chairman of TIAN'S Science and Technology Forum Organizing Committee.

The main research directions are the preparation and application of nano-materials and green manufacturing technology. Jimmy Yun enjoys a high academic level and attainments in the chemical industry and is known as a scientist with world influence in this field. Yun especially has a good command of engineering and industrial application of high and new technologies, owing to a number of patents and industrial applications in nano-material technology, advanced treatment technology of pharmaceutical wastewater, biomass synthesis gas recovery, purification technology, resin coating, and seawater deoxidation technology, with world-class reputation.

In terms of the research level, Jimmy Yun obtains 36 international invention patents and publishes more than 60 SCI papers. Yun undertakes the research projects of Singapore Economic Development Bureau, Australian Research Council, China National 863 program and China's National High-tech Research and Development Program. Yun wins the Special Contribution Award of Hebei academicians and the Friendship Award of Yanzhao issued by the People's Government of Hebei Province.

Playing a leading role in science and technology, Yun successively serves as the vice-chairman and guest speaker of "Process Intensification" in Beijing in 2005, "Asia Nano Forum" in 2006, "World Nano Economic Congress" in 2006, and "ICMAT" conference in 2011. Jimmy Yun is highly recognized by many well-known enterprises in Germany, the United States, Singapore, Australia, China, etc.