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Wang Chun

Biological technology expert, process design product manager of Shanghai Engineering Technology Group Co., LTD.

He graduated from Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Engineering, majoring in Applied chemistry, and received a master's degree in 2011. With 10 years of working experience in a foreign engineering company and a leading domestic pharmaceutical and chemical design company, with rich experience in biological preparation, solid preparation, sterile preparation production workshop design, focusing on the technical scheme design of pharmaceutical industry clean workshop, familiar with China, the European Union, the United States GMP and related design specifications.

Has participated in the shenzhou (Beijing) high living solid preparations, the shenzhou (Suzhou) mab and high active solid preparations, Hangzhou compound biological gene therapy, Beijing for pharmaceutical gene therapy, Shenzhen tte mab, Beijing shenzhou cell mab, Changzhou thousand red high live solid preparation dozens of projects, have rich experience in biomedical engineering design.