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Hou Jia

Clean technology expert, senior engineer, registered first-class construction engineer, member of Shijiazhuang science and technology innovation team, excellent project manager of Shijiazhuang construction industry, deputy general manager of Tianjushi Group's chemical medicine division.

He graduated in Material Major from Shijiazhuang Tiedao University in 2011, master degree,and taking charge of the Validation Project Manager in Austar Corp ever.

Attentively be engaged in cleaning utility engineering systems and the design review, debugging, verification and test of processing equipments, including cleaning workshop, air conditioning and cleaning system, water system as well as cleaning gas system. Be rich of experience of verifying file compiling, as well as scheme performing and testing. Also be pretty familiar with the relevant laws and regulations guide of institutions, such as CFDA, FDA, EU, and ISPE.

With abundant experience of construction, debugging, and verification of cleaning engineering project, to be in full charge of GMP certification works of Lonch Group Wanrong Pharmacy, and Shandong Huachun Biological Pharmacy Co., Ltd. as well as verification works of Taizhou project pharmaceutical water system of AstraZeneca Pharmacy (China) Co., Ltd.

Be responsible for compiling Pharmaceutical Process Validation Implementation Handbook.